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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


One of the best internet business today is buying and selling domain names . It requires little amount of money and no risk involve. Bellow are some tested and proven steps required in this domain or intenet real estate business....

FIRST...You need to research first before registering or ordering back any expired domain names. Research for domain names that have the following....
1.Domain names that is easy to remember
2. That has Niche market
3. That has popular English words
4.That is not duplicated
5. Domain name with short words
6. Domain names with high Keyword

SECOND...Website marketing domains . Many domain names are registered daily. So you have to market your product in major websites with high selling listing. Create buying desire and selling awareness in the thoughts of your customers.

THIRD....Compare your domain name properly. You have to check and compare the price expected from your domain name with other similar names already sold to know how much you should be willing to sell your domain names .

FOURTH ....Optimize it. Also you can add market value to your domain name by optimizing it with search engine to increasing its traffic. This attracts higher sales .

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