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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Steps To Make $3,000 Monthly.

There are some exciting things you can use to build up the momentum in your business. It's been thrilling and been kept a closely guarded secret, but I am about to reveal it to you. How do you make the most of these type of opportunities? How do you achieve your desired objectives and goals? Here is a 5 must step plan that works! 1. Clear mental picture of the outcomeYour hands can't hit what your eyes can't see! The first thing you want to do about your goals and objectives is to clarify them. Clarity is the first step towards any goal. When your sails are set, the winds begin to blow in your favor. 2. Get some positive pressure on yourself.You need to make success compulsory for you. Make a public pledge, promise your friends or family that you will earn $3,000 this month. Brag about what you want to achieve, give yourself the pressure of accountability. We achieve a lot more when failure is a big deal. 3. Never set a goal without attaching a timeline to it. A goal not committed to paper is not a goal. . . Own a dream book and review it daily.By what date will your achieve your goals. Don't set arbitrary goals, commit them to paper and put a deadline. 4. Apply the Magic rule of 21. Do it for 21 uninterrupted days - habit formation. Time it takes to form a new neuro pathway. Try same time same place routine. Commit yourself to an activity that you can do everyday for the next 21 days. 5. To change your future, alter your daily routine. Live everyday spirited, joyful, curious, laugh, love, serve, the universe will take care of everything else.Don't let anybody turn down your high spirit this month. Stay excited upbeat, focused and energetic. Don't worry, be happy!