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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make Money With Sponsored Tweets.

Tweeting is a conversation online whereby you can air or talk about the area of your interest. You generate followers and have followings as well. But you don't know that you can make money in just 1 to 5 minutes write up you make. I am revealling to you on how to make your dollars using sponsored tweets / referal programme. It is easy and is free. You can sign up #ad
Sponsored tweets is a plantform whereby the advertisers order some paid tweets from your twitter post. Bellow is the tips you have to know before you can make money with your twitter post:
a. Your Twitter account should be at least 3 months old before you apply to sponsored tweets. Any account younger than that is not accepted by most advertisers. The reason is to filter spammers and low value tweeters.
b. Have a complete Twitter Profile. Upload your photo or custom avatar. Fill out all your necessary information.
c. Add sponsored Tweets to your Avertise. Use your advertise page to list the benefits of using your Twitter account to help get the advertiser's message out. Then link to the Sponsored Tweets website so they can order.
d. Use client that has in built tweet click stats tracking feature eg, hootsuites. In this way you show advertisers that your followers click on the links you send out.
e. Turn on Click Watch . This system checks the click performance of tweets after 48hours. It schedules tweets after every 48 hrs if the cost per click of the tweet is above 1.50. Turn on Click Watch in yoyur Sponsored Tweets Panel for advertisers are more likely to order a tweets with Click Watct than one who turn it off. Start now. #ad
The referral programme is dollar pull machine. You can sign up it is free.