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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FOREX-- A Goldmine Opportunity

Most people have no knowledge of what Forex is and how it affects their life or maybe they already have participated in it.It was until ten years ago that the general population had acess to Forex trading.

Before it were only major banks, multinational corporation and the mega wealthy had access to this speculative opportunities Forex had to offer and funding a tradfing account often required one million USD or above. Majority did not have this golden opportunity to trade the market as you will discover later. But everybody participate directly or indirectly.

Recently the internet has made it possible for people like you and I to participate in this World biggest's financial market-called FOREX trading. Twelve years ago or thereabout it cost a person million of dollars or more to trade with big boys in this lucrative business, but today you can open a trading account with few hundred of dollars. Few opporpunity offer so much gain for so little risk and this is why people are so mad getting into this business to get their shares.

Many people lost money trading FOREX because they lack knowledge on how the market works. That self education is what I am promising to offer you in this blog, so keep in touch for subsequent articles.

If you play this game like a lottery, thinking to win with luck or good fortune ,you will end up loosing all your money. Remember you are trading with financial institutions like Federal Reserve Banks, Bank of America Mega Multinational corporations, Governments of Countries around the Wolrds and Super Savyy Investirs like George Soros. The only way to become succssful is to educate yoursefl on this market.

You will be speculating because no one truly knows which way the market will go next, but the difference will be your "betting "or "trading" will be educated.