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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Key To Endless CashFlow For Life.

The desire of everybody is to gain financial freedom. If you can follow and apply the simple method I am revealling here, I assured you, you will never cease to thank and praying for me for giving you this secret free of charge. This secret grauntee your business success both Online and Offline.
Follow me to the book of Genesis chaper 26,verses 1 and 2, 12 to 22. There you will find out that there was famine in the land besides the earlier one during the time of Abraham. In verse 12, Isaac sowed seed in that land and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he sown, because the LORD blessed him. What is the secret behind Isaac success. The secret is DETERMINATION. When others were looking at weather before sowing seed, Isaac went on to sow his seed believing that with GOD all things are possible. He took RISK without minding what people were thinking.
From verse 18 to 21 , Isaac and his servants dug wells which the Shephards of Gerar quarrelled with Isacc and his Serants which led to blocking of the wells. He named the wells Quarrel and Enemity. That did not stop Isaac from digging more wells. In verse 22, he dug another well and there was no dispute. He named the well freedom and settled there.
You can see how determined Isaac was. The quarrels with Gerar shephard did not stop him from digging more wells. Isaac determined to suced and he did. Determination is the key to business success both Online and Offline. The business you are running away from, others are investing in it and have a lot of cashflow. The place or condition you are facing now is where you want to be. You can make a posetive change of that situation. You are what you want to be.
Determine to make a change no matter the chanllenges, opposition, competition etc. and there will be a change. Determine to live a righteous life. Determine to stop scamming. Determine to be honest, faithful and trustworthy and the LORD will bless your investment. Where others fail you will succed. You can be a rowned millionare today if you determine. President Obama, the first citizen of the world today succeded because he is determined. One of the statement he made during his campaign was ... WE CAN ... He know that one can be whatever he wants to be in life if he determined.
In conclusion. determine to invest in that business no matter the little amount you have. Determine to be great, determine to change your situation posetively...... Determination is the key to success in every business. will be of help to you.