Online Money

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Earn $60 To $600 Daily

Internet Real Estate or buying and selling of Domain name is a great business opportunity in the internet that offers very high returns on investment within a short time.
Ther rae basically 3 main opportunity in this business

1. Buying and Selling ;
This offers you a chance of buying domain names for as low as $2 -$10 and sell for $200- $300 depending on the value.

2. Parking;
This is where the real money is. You can afford to buy as many domain names as possible and simply park them, then Optimize. that will not take you up to 30 mins one -time work and till your domain names expired depending on the number of years you bought , you will keep earning residual income. In parking , SARCH ENGINES AND COMPANIES online look for ways to advertise . So they pay you between $2 to $10 for any click on your domain name. So the more traffic on your domain name ,the more youn earn .Eg,,Rich Swartz the owner makes $300 daily from that domain alone.

3. You cvan use the existing traffic on domain name to increase your web/blog website sales. You just need to forward the domain names to your existing websites/blog.
You can get and register a name by;--

1. Generating a name and registering it yourself. This required you to be creative, you think up and suggest a name. But for you to avoid stressing yourself thinking name to register only to find out those names are already taken, you need a software that generate domain names. A very good one is domain suggestion tool

2. Expired domain option; This is a money pool. Here is where to find the money you are looking for. An expired domain name is domain name someone was using but no longer using it . The person has worked to generate traffic to that domain name but for one reason or the other, he /she is no more using the domain name .You go get it and use its traffic. An expired domain can be backordered or if the domain drops you register it like the other domain at the cost $10 or lesser. The minimum cost of backordering a domain name is $60. The value you will get in just a month might tripple the investmentt.You just park and OPTIMIZE and every month you have a lot of profits.
You register 10 domain names at $10 each amount to $100 cost.Ther is tendency it will earn $0.20 and $10 if someone clicks on your domain. That means on each domain name you register , you earn $2 to $100 everyday.You cover your investment in days and make profit for the rest years-WONDERFUL!.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Secrets Of The Rich

Think of how little talented and educated people earn. Less than 5% of Americans earn more than $100,000 a year.There are many brilliants ,highly educated, people who earn less than $20,000 a year.Many doctors, Dentists,etc strugle financially all because they are one skill away from great wealth -the skill of giving and receiving. It takes money to make money.

-Give out your time to your business and to people.
-Giver out your money.
-Give out your knowledge, communicate with people, have the skill of selling yourself and marketing.
To be rich you need to give as well as to receive. Give to church, charities, the poor and NGO foundations.
To receive money you have to give first. Giving money is the secret to most great wealthy families.Abide in this LAW of money---GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Common Problem With Marketing Website

Marketing web sites provides plantform for online sales, but you cannot buld up a website and expect subscribers to buy your product or services immediately. Many internet marketers do not recognize the importance of providing the best marketing website. Simple adjustments on site can improve its profitability.


FIRST; Wasting Of Time.
Time is very important commodity in internet marketing. Your aim should be for your customers to find what they want and buy it as fast as they can. Your content pages may look interesting and educative, but it may take longer to load. Subscribers may not have to wait for long pages to load, they prefer short and quick pages .Atimes they give up on such site and go to fast moving site. Moreover, some sites make the mistake of wasting subscribers time during the checkout process by asking for registration and other unnecessary information. If subscriber made up his mind to buy from your site you should try to make the checkout processes very fast with few clicks as possible as. If not the subscriber may not complete the sale.
SECOND;Lack Of Compatibility .
Many internet marketer uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, but fail to design their site s compared to other browsers which contributes to loss instead of profit . For this reason about 30% of your customer pull out from your site .
THIRD; Poor web Design .
website that is not well organized or looks unprofessional,do not attract visitors. Internet subscribers have high qualities these days when it comes to how your website looks like . You should dispaly your products nicely .and make sure subscribers should be able to search for what they want and find it easily. Any obstacle in the buying process from begining to the end can make you loss your subscribers
FOURTH; Poor Service.
Marketing web sites should try to provide answers to questions about their srevices products and purchases .Many sites make finding contact information and valuating company policies hard to subscribers. Subscribers normally abandon sites if they cannot find the information they need about a sale. So try to display your contact information and marketing policies in almost all the pags of your site . Happy marketing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How To Grab Internet Cash

This article will teach you some formula you will apply that will take you up to the door of success within few days if correctly applied..

1. Your method to Grab visitors cash;
For you to achieve success in your internet marketing, then you should understand how to collect cash from your visitors account.To achieve this try to take
your visitor's name and email address.In addition free gift can get them
convinced to provide you thier name and email address.
2. Know how to arangeYour Page;
If you are serious to earn enough income from your internet home marketing, then you should know how to construct a killer page.
You can put your free gift offer on the top of the headline to attract them to read more offer on your pages. Inform them benefits in killer format and lure them to fill up thier name and email address on the sign up pages.
3.Have in mind what to Offer;
You have to present valuable gift to your visitors if you want to get their name and email address immediatelly.You can offer them a free ebook, report, video or some other useful information.
4. Follow Up;
You can use autoresponder system or feedbunner to set killer follow up with your subscribers.
You just need to set some exiting offer and your autoresponder or feedbunner will shoot them onces they subscribe.