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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make Above $750 Per Month Setting Up Cyber Cafee With G.S.M Internet Sim Card.

GSM Internet service is another business income opportunity. It is all about connecting to one GSM internet Sim card to as many computer using a GPRS router which can be used to operate a small internet cafee for at least 10-20 computers. That means you are expanding the cost of one internet connection on many computer connections. But connect 5 and not more than 10 computers to one sim card.
You can get MTN, GLO or ZAIN sim card if you are living in Nigeria for example, for unlimited GPRS for N13,500.00 and the GPRS router with the adaptors one for each computer depending the number of computers you are connecting. You can order it from MTN/ GLO/ ZAIN office ,for example if you are living in Nigeria. Consult expert for conection and you will enjoy your streaming income from your Cyber Cafee.