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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make Money With Sponsored Tweets.

Tweeting is a conversation online whereby you can air or talk about the area of your interest. You generate followers and have followings as well. But you don't know that you can make money in just 1 to 5 minutes write up you make. I am revealling to you on how to make your dollars using sponsored tweets / referal programme. It is easy and is free. You can sign up #ad
Sponsored tweets is a plantform whereby the advertisers order some paid tweets from your twitter post. Bellow is the tips you have to know before you can make money with your twitter post:
a. Your Twitter account should be at least 3 months old before you apply to sponsored tweets. Any account younger than that is not accepted by most advertisers. The reason is to filter spammers and low value tweeters.
b. Have a complete Twitter Profile. Upload your photo or custom avatar. Fill out all your necessary information.
c. Add sponsored Tweets to your Avertise. Use your advertise page to list the benefits of using your Twitter account to help get the advertiser's message out. Then link to the Sponsored Tweets website so they can order.
d. Use client that has in built tweet click stats tracking feature eg, hootsuites. In this way you show advertisers that your followers click on the links you send out.
e. Turn on Click Watch . This system checks the click performance of tweets after 48hours. It schedules tweets after every 48 hrs if the cost per click of the tweet is above 1.50. Turn on Click Watch in yoyur Sponsored Tweets Panel for advertisers are more likely to order a tweets with Click Watct than one who turn it off. Start now. #ad
The referral programme is dollar pull machine. You can sign up it is free.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten Success Principles For Financial Independent.

In my desire to have you be financial independent, I am giving you the rules to follow to ensure you are real independent in your financail life. Bellow are the principles to your guide:

1. Choose: Make a choice on what you can be in life
2. Have a Goal: Tell yourself what you want to achieve in your life or business.
3. Prepare: prepare to understand the business you are doing or you want to do.
4. I Can Do It: have a posetive attitude toward your business and determine to succeed.
5. Read To Learn: Make reading your hobby and read to learn.
6.Plan: Plan your business or any investment before hand.
7. Discover Your Passion And Talent: What matters most is how you see yourself . So try to find out what you can do perfectly in life.
8.Form Your Character: Have good behavour towards others.
9.Think more than yourself: Help others on your journey both in life and financailly.
10.Stop Making Exuses: Don't blame your failure on anybody else,or have one exuses or the other for not succeeding in your life.
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Ten Success Principles For Financial Independent.

ter.comIn my desire to you

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5 Ways To Financial Freedom.

Financial freedom mighty be free but it does not come cheap. Freedom has a price- The big secret is this: It takes neither money to be financially free nor a good formal education. It doesn't have to be risky.Instead freedom price is measured in Dreams, Desire and the ability to overcome disappiontment that occur to all of us along the way. Are you willing to pay the price?
Below are the 5 ways to financial freedom:-

1. Real Estate: Invest in bulding as many houses as you can or purchase them so that every month you are sure of collecting rents.
2. Invest in shares : Buy shares from companies and keep it . Do not sell them out , rather keep to collect dividens.
3.Business: Buld your business empire to the level you can hire manager to earn Director's bonus.
4. Intellectual Properties: Write book or song to sell and collect royalty.
5. Opportunity In Networking Marketing: Seek for an opportunity in networking in any of the good Multilevel market. I can confidently recommend a tested and proven one that can earn you thousands of dollar every week, link bellow for detail: Here you have the opportuinity to Own Your Life without anybody's interferrance. You are assured for financial freedom all your life.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Key To Endless CashFlow For Life.

The desire of everybody is to gain financial freedom. If you can follow and apply the simple method I am revealling here, I assured you, you will never cease to thank and praying for me for giving you this secret free of charge. This secret grauntee your business success both Online and Offline.
Follow me to the book of Genesis chaper 26,verses 1 and 2, 12 to 22. There you will find out that there was famine in the land besides the earlier one during the time of Abraham. In verse 12, Isaac sowed seed in that land and that year he harvested a hundred times as much as he sown, because the LORD blessed him. What is the secret behind Isaac success. The secret is DETERMINATION. When others were looking at weather before sowing seed, Isaac went on to sow his seed believing that with GOD all things are possible. He took RISK without minding what people were thinking.
From verse 18 to 21 , Isaac and his servants dug wells which the Shephards of Gerar quarrelled with Isacc and his Serants which led to blocking of the wells. He named the wells Quarrel and Enemity. That did not stop Isaac from digging more wells. In verse 22, he dug another well and there was no dispute. He named the well freedom and settled there.
You can see how determined Isaac was. The quarrels with Gerar shephard did not stop him from digging more wells. Isaac determined to suced and he did. Determination is the key to business success both Online and Offline. The business you are running away from, others are investing in it and have a lot of cashflow. The place or condition you are facing now is where you want to be. You can make a posetive change of that situation. You are what you want to be.
Determine to make a change no matter the chanllenges, opposition, competition etc. and there will be a change. Determine to live a righteous life. Determine to stop scamming. Determine to be honest, faithful and trustworthy and the LORD will bless your investment. Where others fail you will succed. You can be a rowned millionare today if you determine. President Obama, the first citizen of the world today succeded because he is determined. One of the statement he made during his campaign was ... WE CAN ... He know that one can be whatever he wants to be in life if he determined.
In conclusion. determine to invest in that business no matter the little amount you have. Determine to be great, determine to change your situation posetively...... Determination is the key to success in every business. will be of help to you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FOREX-- A Goldmine Opportunity

Most people have no knowledge of what Forex is and how it affects their life or maybe they already have participated in it.It was until ten years ago that the general population had acess to Forex trading.

Before it were only major banks, multinational corporation and the mega wealthy had access to this speculative opportunities Forex had to offer and funding a tradfing account often required one million USD or above. Majority did not have this golden opportunity to trade the market as you will discover later. But everybody participate directly or indirectly.

Recently the internet has made it possible for people like you and I to participate in this World biggest's financial market-called FOREX trading. Twelve years ago or thereabout it cost a person million of dollars or more to trade with big boys in this lucrative business, but today you can open a trading account with few hundred of dollars. Few opporpunity offer so much gain for so little risk and this is why people are so mad getting into this business to get their shares.

Many people lost money trading FOREX because they lack knowledge on how the market works. That self education is what I am promising to offer you in this blog, so keep in touch for subsequent articles.

If you play this game like a lottery, thinking to win with luck or good fortune ,you will end up loosing all your money. Remember you are trading with financial institutions like Federal Reserve Banks, Bank of America Mega Multinational corporations, Governments of Countries around the Wolrds and Super Savyy Investirs like George Soros. The only way to become succssful is to educate yoursefl on this market.

You will be speculating because no one truly knows which way the market will go next, but the difference will be your "betting "or "trading" will be educated.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make Above $750 Per Month Setting Up Cyber Cafee With G.S.M Internet Sim Card.

GSM Internet service is another business income opportunity. It is all about connecting to one GSM internet Sim card to as many computer using a GPRS router which can be used to operate a small internet cafee for at least 10-20 computers. That means you are expanding the cost of one internet connection on many computer connections. But connect 5 and not more than 10 computers to one sim card.
You can get MTN, GLO or ZAIN sim card if you are living in Nigeria for example, for unlimited GPRS for N13,500.00 and the GPRS router with the adaptors one for each computer depending the number of computers you are connecting. You can order it from MTN/ GLO/ ZAIN office ,for example if you are living in Nigeria. Consult expert for conection and you will enjoy your streaming income from your Cyber Cafee.