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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How To Own Paypal Account I Nigeria.

Sign up to Paypal account on Don't take a personal account. Don't change your IP and choose a Premier for it will give you a lot of benefits. Dont sign up with a US or UK address. If you do Paypal will request you to supply your bank account. Don"t fill your checking account or Credit card.
Use a virtual address. Use some other African countrie to sign up, Don"t use Niger, Benin Republic, Namibia address. After sign up you will require to verify your account. You verify your account with Paypal Visa Card and it costs $8 only. You will get this Card through Liberty Reserve. When you buy Paypal Visa Card for just $8 through Liberty Rserve, log into your account and indicate it is Visa Card, add the Card number, the expiry date and months. Then the CSV or CVV security number. Once you have done all that click and submit. Paypal will instantly charge the Card with $1.95. Why they do this is to comfirm that you are the owner of the Card and that you are human being because if you own the card there must be a code you get from it. So all you need do is return to the Card and Provider have to generate the code.
If you check the spending history of the card it will indicate that Paypal has charged it $1.95. You will then see the Paypal 4 digit code which is supplied back to you. Copy the code into your Paypal account click and submit. Your Paypal will be verified at once.

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