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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Internet marketers have been using online articles for times. They know the need of being original in quality content and use keywords that will drive massive traffic to their sites.. Though it takes time to write articles. If you have Google site for free article there will be of results. Everybody wants original content and it is your obligation to provide them with one. A good article needs not be more than four paragraphs, but they suppose to be original. And driving traffic improves when you submit more articles to more sites. Though it takes time. I am not saying that all articles must be written and submitted in one day. You can
submitting one or two articles a week. Writing the articles, takes time, no matter what time you use for submission.
It is important to have original content. The webmaster could have content on his or her site that relates to an article already submitted on a site But a link in the article to your AdSense site, especially one with high page ranks, will be recognized by Google robots, which increases the number of links to your website, therein increasing your own page rank. This helps the website increase in page rank when indexed by search engines.
Write quality original content, keyword useful articles, and include links back to your AdSense Blogsite. Backlinks are your friends.
Create high quality original article content on your Blogsite.
Add specific keywords relevant to your content and the article designed to attract traffic
Google Adsense ads are important to your theme. Everything should follow a theme driven around your desired keywords.
Backlinks is the additional ingrediant to your content. No matter your website on the Internet and information contained in it,no one body will know about your site if there are no links to it. A backlink is a hyperlink to your website from another website.. A backlink from a website with high page rank will be more valuable to the search engine world than one from a website with low page rank. To test back links, click the Page Rank button and choose Back Link. A web page will appear showing all the sites that have links to your website..
But if your website is a Microsoft or Google, your back links have to come from you or a friend. That is where the articles disccused earlier are useful. Write an original article, add a link to your site, submit it, and upon approval, you have a backlink to your website from a high page ranked website.
Internet marketing is very useful, compared to other media like radio or television. A website domain can be purchased for around $8 to $10 for a year, a price which sometimes goes down for sales or is reduced when bulk domains are purchased. Hosting can be about $10 or thereabout per month for some hosting companies. Blogging, is available for free in the Internet. The conclusion is that effort is required to have mass traffic to your site, which involes a carefully laid out plan for having original content and backlinks to your site or blog. So I see no reason for you not trying an Internet marketing business. Invent a plan for some keywords which you know very well can write educatively on that is to start your Adsense cash.

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