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Friday, September 12, 2008


I have always been anxious with making money on the internet. I have even tried a few programs in the past,but not successful

One day while searching the internet for something, I came across a site called The Independent Profit Center. Created by Dan Miller a highly successful internet marketer.

I spoke to Dan live and was blown away with his knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to help people make money with the internet like he is making every day and I mean real money--- Athlete type income. I joined immediately and followed his tutorials which were marvelous .I have never looked back.

I am averaging at least one sale per day with the Program and sometimes as many as twenty because it is so affordable.

People are starting up daily because they are interested in a Direct Pay Program but don't want to join one that costs money to join.

Anyone can afford the business as it is only $200 to purchase your fully automated site with training, and one time $49 administration fee which is used for Dan to establish you up fully. You literally can be set up to start making money in about an hour and a half. And as I've said the train tutorials and videos that come with the (IPC) program are truly the best on the market. The new live training( IPC ) just started virtually holds your hand as you make money.

Also the( IPC ) program is mapped out to make money with FREE advertising so you don't waste money on PP C advertising till you understand it but it is not necessary. The software alone that comes with the (IPC) program is worth more than $5000 .

There are no one up qualifying sales to worry about, so it only takes one sale to breakthrough and make profit.

The business site explains itself.

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