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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make Money With Adsense

One of the powerful tools you can use to monetize your website with ads that relate to the content on your website is Adsense.The ads relate to what the user issearching for on your site and if correctly used,can pull out huge amount of money for you.

Bellow Is How You Can Grab Your Money With Adsense

( A) . Focus on niches with high paying keywords
Research and find out the keywords that are in demand. The high demand keywords pay more per click than the low demand keywords.
( B). Concentrate on writing posting original content on the topics from the keywords that you discovered in your research. Google and other search engines are looking for quality content. Be sure that whatever topic customers are looking for, should be relevant, quality content that is important to them.

(C). Make sure ads matchs the text
Customize text around ads to make it look uniform and let the color of the ads match that of the site

(D) .Place ads on high and low traffic pages and free resource pages.
Watch your ads after pasting the ad codes. Try to find out the ad placement and ad format that is likely going to give you most clicks.

(E). Continue adding more content pages to your site. Try to expand on the team of your website using the key words and topics.The more original, quality content you can add to your site the better for you for that will optimize your site for the search engines and generate targeted traffic to your site.

You can find articles from private label articles ( PLR articles) and edit properly if you cannot initiate your own articles . Google provides such areticles for free.

((F). Find out from google adsense account the features that will help you earn money through ads. Do not click on your ads ,if you do google will penalise you and terminate your account.
It is not easy ,to make money as you can see, but try to follow the above step and you will enjoy making money from google ads.

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