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Sunday, September 14, 2008


For you to succeed on your internet business, you have to buy and pay for the services or the product you want to buy online, there is need for a means of making such purchases online. This tips though small but rich in content will help you to obtain your credit cards for your online payment and at the same time help your to lead others and make your money free. Opportunities like this only comes through card issuing companies.

FIRST---- Search for debit card companies in goggle, yahoo or any search engine available.
SECOND---- Contact such companies and affiliate with them.
THIRD---- Let people known about these services in your area after reaching an agreement with them.
FOURTH----Place an advertisement on newspaper publications, television and on other means of advertisements for these available services.
FIFTH---Grab your card and acts as an agent for people that are in need of the same card.
SIXTH---- Make your money as you initiate the leads

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