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Friday, September 12, 2008


IF SOMEBODY, promises to have the secret of making millions of Dollars overnight in Second Life,he is TELLING YOU A LIE.
There is only one reason a person would promise you that: to make money out of you!
The first fastest way to get Dollars in Second Life is to buy them.
The second fastest way is to get an inworld job. I will list the ways to get this jobs below.
The third fastest way to make money in Second Life is to create something original and selling it. This will require time to learn how to make things.
After that, you need to invest , for example by making money in Land. Buying and selling land can be an option, but only after you have been playing Second Life for a few months and have done enough research on the market and how it works. Just like real life, this is a risky business.
Buying Dollars is not a big deal. All you have to do is either find an Exchange Agent, buy directly from him at low price. Though atimes the exchange rate changes and you can get it cheaper. HOW TO GET A NEW JOB
There are many to get a job in Second Life.
Everybody has access to job . You will find job every where. Open your search box and do a search on free job. For better paid newbie jobs, some shops and clubs will actually employ newbies as long as they have good skils .Once you have been in Second Life 30 days you can get a good and better paid jobs. Here is where you have to look in Classified ads and search the forums. These jobs vary from shop attendants, industrial jobs, managers,supervisors,and much more.t. You can also look in Wanted. There are also classified listings here.
When you become familiarized with Second Life, you are creative and have found something you love to make, then you can start building and selling your creations. You can do this off line as well as on the internet. Your skills as a builder, scripter, animator or even decorator and terraformer are well sought after, mind you the competition is very high.
If money is not a problem for you and you are looking for an opportunity to invest, then start researching the land market.. Don't jump in straight away or you will be lost.

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