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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ten Success Principles For Financial Independent.

In my desire to have you be financial independent, I am giving you the rules to follow to ensure you are real independent in your financail life. Bellow are the principles to your guide:

1. Choose: Make a choice on what you can be in life
2. Have a Goal: Tell yourself what you want to achieve in your life or business.
3. Prepare: prepare to understand the business you are doing or you want to do.
4. I Can Do It: have a posetive attitude toward your business and determine to succeed.
5. Read To Learn: Make reading your hobby and read to learn.
6.Plan: Plan your business or any investment before hand.
7. Discover Your Passion And Talent: What matters most is how you see yourself . So try to find out what you can do perfectly in life.
8.Form Your Character: Have good behavour towards others.
9.Think more than yourself: Help others on your journey both in life and financailly.
10.Stop Making Exuses: Don't blame your failure on anybody else,or have one exuses or the other for not succeeding in your life.
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